Friday, 11 September 2015

Different types of Shabby Chic Furniture

People who were once fed up of their old furniture and wished to replace it are now proud of it. They proudly invite their friends to their home and feel privileged to show their furniture with broken corners and scratched paints.

This style of furniture is known as shabby chic furniture. It’s not only a certain occasion where you can use it, you can use it at your home, office , wedding hall, church or even hospital. It is a universal interior style that can adjust with almost every ambiance that you create.

Whether it is a wedding, a graduation party, or a professional formal business lunch, it goes with every occasion. Here are some best places to place your antique furniture.

Home Improvement:
Home is the best place to try. You can place that huge, wooden furniture, heavy Victorian style furniture in your home. Other than the furniture, you need to work on paints, curtains, the floral decoration and many more.

It is the rough style of interior so the more you let it free, the more it will look natural. Use soft but cool shades like ash green.

Decorate the window panels, put flowers and indoor plants around your bathroom and kitchen as well. There are a lot of vintage accessories and home d├ęcor items available out there in the market.

You can explore the online stores as well to get your desired one. You do not need to call and designer to make you a design. The beauty of this style is that the more it will be rough, the beautiful it will be.

Steps to Interior a Stylish Bathroom

Shabby chic or vintage is a term used for old, antique style with the touch of modernism. This turns out a great ambiance and uniqueness. The theme comprises of right use of colors, interior and the style of furniture you are using.

Decorate window
Do not forget the window panel as it should be the most visible and bright area as light comes in from here highlighting the window panel. Use an attractive curtain or you can use shutters instead of curtains. They look better.

Place flowers usually of soft colors in window. You can also place candles, the antique air freshener spray and the retro style tissue paper box as well.

Decorate wash basin
Wash basin is that most important area when considering achieving a shabby chic bathroom. When one uses a washroom, was basin area is the most significant as you stand in front of it and notice the things.

Place a vase at its side. Make use of an oval mirror behind the wash basin surrounded by the flowered border. You can make the border of fresh flowers too. Use soft colors like soft pink and peach.

White also depicts the romantic ambiance. Use appropriate soap stand, toothbrush stand and all the accessories you need to put there. You can find and select the best theme complementing accessories from the vintage stores either online or by giving stores a visit.

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